History of Products Erlan S / A, begins with a great curiosity, related to its own name. Erlan originates from the word Uberlândia, city of its corporate office. In the 30s, the first candies still named "Comet", were handmade. On June 12, 1952, formalizes the "Products Erlan", in order to industrialize and commercialize candies, caramels and pastas. Afterwards, the company started to manufacture chocolates and Easter eggs.

In 1994 Erlan changes to a new and modern infrastructure, located in the industrial district, starting a new phase of growth due to the continued opening of new markets. Moreover, Erlan is a company that cares about the preservation of the environment, having an efficient effluent treatment plant, where all the water used in the company is treated, tested and returned to the public without causing damage to nature. In 2004, taking advantage of this opportunity, the company invests and installs its own chocolate manufacture, starting its production of tablets and bars for different segments.

Currently, through its industrialization and commercialization model, Erlan, has more than 500 direct employees and 1,500 indirect committed to the success of the company. In order to be a benchmark for excellence in food marketplace; with competitiveness, innovation and strong brand, our mission is "to offer food products that surprise all customers, whether retailers, wholesalers or consumers with a delicious emotion. Therefore, Erlan will continue treading its way without boundaries, leading the taste of its products and the value of its brand to the market.

Technology, Production and Quality

To provide the market with modern and differentiated products, Erlan constantly invests on modernizing its industrial park, the manufacturing processes and the training of its employees.

In its laboratory, maintains a strict quality control of raw materials and throughout the production line, thus ensuring that its products leave the industrial park with all the quality expect by consumers.